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Recycling and Composting – An Exploration On Saving Natural Resources

municipal-solid-waste-infographic-epa4While we know we are a mining and exploration company known for removing some Earth’s most precious natural resources we also understand that we have a huge responsibility to also protect these very same raw materials. There is little debate on the fact that the planet’s raw resources are for the most part finite making conversation just as important as mining and development. We believe its when you combine these two ideas together that really valuable results can occur. The world requires a lot of natural resources to run and by recycling and composting we can make huge impact on keeping those resources around for the long run. We want to cultivate and protect the planet so that people have access to energy and other valuable necessities for years to come. Lets take a look at this “Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in the United States 2012 Infographic.” by Team Gemini to get a better feel for just how vital our natural resources and how powerful they can become when managed appropriately.

Recycling and Composting Fact and Stat #1: Recycling and Composting 87 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Saves More Then 1.1 Quadrillion Worth of BTU Energy

Sure we need to use Earth’s resources but that does not mean we need to waste. At the same time we also needed to be considerate of conservation as well. The above figure represents enough energy to power 10 million households per year and remember this is based on materials we were planning on just throwing away. The point is after we spend all this time, money and energy to extract and build lets not have the process breakdown when it comes to the throwing away. The greater we protect our natural resources the better chance we have to survive as a population as a whole.

Recycling and Composting Fact and Stat #2: Every Ton Of Paper We Recycle Equals 165 Gallons of Gasoline

While it may seem otherwise paper is not easy to come by or cheap. Trees do not just grow out of thin air and there is only so much space to work with. Sure we can explore and develop all the forests we want but part of the point is figuring out how to save some of these forests as well. People and nature must co-exist and its ultimately about determining how to best to do that and there is no doubt recycling and composting is one of them. We truly believe its possible to take from the ground and give back to the ground with equal care and passion.

Recycling and Composting Fact and Stat #3: Recycling 1 Ton of Aluminum Cans Conserves 1,665 Gallons of Gasoline

How often do we have a drink in a can but never give thought to where the can came from? In a bit of an ironic twist it takes energy to create energy so anywhere we can conserve it or create more is a place we want to be. Aluminum is an extremely valuable resource and by recycling it we can get much more use from it then we are currently. This stat is a great reminder of just how important recycling is when it comes to improving our energy and resource consumption. We do not want to see the world’s resources disappear just as you should also. Lets all join in the fight to find better ways to make use of the planets precious natural resources.

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