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Top 3 Traditional Exercises To Burn Calories Outdoors

Top 3 Traditional Exercises To Burn Calories Outdoors – Finding A New Gym In Nature

CropperCapture[25]As a company that basis a lot of its work outdoors all of our employees have a strong love for Mother Nature. From the fresh air that provides more oxygen, to green landscape that improve serotonin flows, to sun exposure and increased vitamin D levels, to sensory stimulation and an increased feeling of well being to much more exercising outdoors can come with a lot of side benefits. While we know very well that the stresses and pressure of corporate life can weigh heavily on the mind and body we also know that with a proper exercise routine and diet that our employees will be able to handle all that is thrown at them in the workplace. For this reason and more we are constantly encouraging those that work for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that almost always includes eating properly and hitting the gym. We understand that not all of us are fortunate enough to have the access or the time to participate in workout activities and options outdoors which is why we encourage a variety of workout routines like the ones seen at these CIZE reviews. Regardless if you are doing outdoor or indoor fitness challenges we wanted to take a few moments to look at the top calorie burning outdoor exercises to keep us motivated and the body in motion when it comes to reaching our fitness goals.

Highest Rated Outdoor Calorie Burning Workout Number 1: Running (949 Calories Per Hour)

A form of exercise that has worked from the beginning of time, running is the perfect way to keep the weight off and the happiness up. An option that is available in almost any type of outdoor setting or environment running is just the effective and flexible exercise that we all should embrace more often. What are you waiting for? Lace up your running shoes and start hitting the streets, track, route or park and watch as the waistline slims before you know it.

Highest Rated Outdoor Calorie Burning Workout Number 2: Hiking (422 Calories Per Hour)

A bit more difficult to find the perfect outdoor settings for hiking is another exercise on the list that burns a lot of calories while communing with nature. If you do not have any where local to hike you may want to consider joining and indoor climbing gym or using a workout program like CIVE to simulate the effective calorie burning we get from hiking.

Highest Rated Outdoor Calorie Burning Workout Number 3: Kayaking (352 Calories Per Hour)

As an exercise option that requires special equipment and a unique outdoor environment kayaking is a great exercise option to follow when you are looking for a change of scenery. Being on the water can lead to true connections with nature and kayaking gives us that opportunity while at the same tie building up the muscles and trimming off the fat. If you could choose your favorite outdoor exercise activity which one would it be?

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