REE International, Inc.

Company Vision

REE International, Inc – Company Mission State and Vision Plan

croppercapture18REE International, Inc. is an innovative and forward thinking U.S. based raw resource and natural material exploration and development company. Headquartered and based out of Massachusetts, we at REE International, Inc. are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront of America’s efforts to free itself from reliance on foreign countries for rare natural resources. As we like to say its “mining with a mission” and that quest is to discover, extract and develop earth’s most precious resources all while being stewards of the environment. Our exploration and production is community focused and strives to give back more then it takes out. We want the United States to become more self reliant and we believe one of the best ways to start this process is by taking care of and using more of our natural resources given to us by Mother Nature. By bringing these concepts and theories “in house” so to speak we will be less vulnerable to outside countries. In a best case scenario we would not have to rely on outside exports and becoming self sufficient is the ultimate goal. We hope to make the U.S. A better place one dig at a time.

Material Exploration That Makes A Material Difference

REE International, Inc