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REE International, Inc Frequently Asked Questions Start Page (FAQ) – Let’s Search Together

croppercapture26When exploring and developing natural resources we often find ourselves smack in the center of other people’s communities. We love where we live so we can understand how important it is when coming into someone’s home or property to be sensitive to local customs and traditions. Natural material mining is about forming partnerships and friendships that all form over the common goal of prosperity and longevity. Because we do work so closely with our clients there are often plenty of initial questions that arise before the exploration process has even started. We created this frequently asked questions page as a starting place for information on how the programs work and what you can expect when working with us REE International, Inc.

REE International, Inc Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #1: If I Let You Explore On My Property What Rights Do I Give Up?

If we are fortunate enough for you to allow us to explore and remove natural resources from your property you will never have to worry about giving up the rights to the land. All our contracts specifically state that at no time and not for any reason can we ever claim rights to your land. We simply lease the land for a specified period time and only as long as agreeable conditions are met. We also have one of the best legal teams in the country who go out of there way to assure everything is clear and explained thoroughly.

REE International, Inc Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #2: What Is The Long Term Impact of Letting You Explore My Land

Over the years we have developed exploration and mining techniques that leave the absolute minimal environmental footprint possible. While of course the resources agreed upon are being removed we go above and beyond to assure that no other portions of your property are damaged. We have the most advanced clean up systems in the industry so our clients never have to worry about potential long term damage to the environment. We always strive to keep both above and below ground as beautiful and safe as possible.

REE International, Inc Frequently Asked Questions Page (FAQ) #3: What Are The Benefits of Exploring For Me

The biggest benefit of letting us come explore your property is the possibility to make a lot of money through our profit sharing lease system. All agreements are based on a percentage share which has lead to many lucrative contracts for people who would have otherwise not had access to large amounts of money. It also benefits you because it allows you through economies of scale to maximize your lands value in places the owner can not. Last you will be helping many people in U.S. power their homes and run their businesses and this is something we all can feel good about.